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Organoleptic characteristics

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Laboratory tests

Acidity 0,17%

Peroxide value 6,2 meq 02/kg

Spectrophotometric investigation of Ultraviolet :

K 232 1,86 adimens

K 268 0,14 adimens

Delta K 0,00 adimens

Total polyphenols 482,1 mg/kg

The Nutritional values per 100g ; Protein 0g, Carbohydrates 0 g Fats 91,6 g of which saturates 18.2% for monounsaturated, 72%, polyunsaturated to 9.8%, the energy value 896Kcal


​Panel test

Qualified as extra Virgin Olive Oil "balanced" with fruity: "mature" "medium", bitter: "medium", spicy: "medium", hints: "almond"

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Panel Test's certificate

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